A great website shouldn’t just look great – it should be easy to maintain and update.

Why WordPress?

Your website should not just look great, it should also be easy to maintain and have dynamic content.

Basically I can build your website in any language and on any platform, but WordPress is hands down the best platform there is. WordPress makes editing your website as easy as editing a word-document. It powers more than 20% of all websites on the internet here in 2013, and even Google acknowledges WordPress’ potential and qualities regarding Search Engine Optimization.

How Much

A standard web development project starts around $2000, and most projects with custom functionality is in the $2500-$5000 price range, depending on the complexity of your specific project of course. This price does not include the cost of hiring a graphics designer.

More Information

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From Design to Fully Functional Website

As a web developer (Computer Science & PBA Web Development) I prefer to receive a layered PSD file with an already completed graphics design. I will then build your WordPress Website on my development server and migrate it to your server, once we’re ready to launch.

You don’t need to have a PSD file, if you eg. already have an existing website you’d like to have converted into a WordPress website – just provide me with a link to it.

Need a Designer? No Problem!

Although I also do have a degree in Multimedia Design & Communication, I prefer to focus on few things and master those to perfection – web programming (specializing in WordPress development of course). For that reason I do have some insanely talented designers I’m partnering with, which can take your existing brand, vision and message and create the perfect visual design.

Since, I’m also a designer, I do design my own websites, and the free themes I develop. Occasionally I will accept design quotes.

Mobile Responsive Design Sample

Responsive Design

Your website should look good on every device, not just on desktop computers and laptops. Responsive website design allows the content to scale and your site to restructure to better fit on smaller screens.

I have a lot of experience with responsive design, and I’m able to add responsiveness to most websites rather easily. The cost depends entirely on your site’s design and how well-crafted the HTML/CSS is, but for at standard website it typically adds $750-$1500 to the project cost.