PSD To Web

If you already have your complete graphics design in place, and for some reason don’t want to use a Content Management System, this is the solution for you.

It could be that:

  • you simply hate dynamic content, databases and prefer to sit and spend hours editing in plain html/php files (just kidding)
  • perhaps you know PHP/C# yourself but just need some help with the HTML5/CSS3/jQuery combo
  • or maybe your site is just really really small, and you don’t have to update any content – like ever
  • you’re an internet marketer and just needs a simple landing page, squeeze page, affiliate page, and a tos- and disclaimer page, and you prefer not to use a WordPress Theme like Experts Theme or OptimizePress for this

To be honest, although about 20% of all websites on the internet is powered by WordPress, and dynamic content is the future, there’s still a place for small static html websites for many purposes.

Want me to convert your graphics design / PSD mockup to Web files? Please visit the contact page and fill out the Development Form or send me and email with your zipped PSD files. I’ll review the files and send back my evaluation for you to review.