Mobile Responsive Design

For every single day more and more people access the internet from a smart phone or mobile device. In 2012 Pew Research Center actually showed that 44% of all online users search and browse websites from their mobile devices. This was in year 2012, and the percentage is only increasing for every year! Today it’s therefore absolutely essential that you consider a mobile responsive design solution for your website.

What is it?

To put it in layman’s terms, mobile responsive design simply means that your company website or blog will look great and have great usability in every type of browser, on any kind of device; desktop, laptop, tablets, phones. That way you won’t have to worry that visitors leave your site because it doesn’t work well on their device – sometimes the mobile layout of a responsive website could even convert better!

1 big advantage of mobile responsive design is that you don’t have to maintain a seperate mobile website or mobile app, and try to keep them in sync with your main site. Focussing on just 1 main website, which will break down gracefully on all devices, allows you to make a better site.


Mobile First

The best practice in mobile responsive webdesign today is referred to as “mobile first”.

What this basically means is that you first design the website for the smallest possible screen size and device and go up from there.

Quite often though, you can successfully port over an existing website, and make the transition to a fully responsive design, but sometimes, unfortunately you have to rethink your existing layout, since some designs simply can’t be transitioned to a responsive format.

How Much

Adding responsiveness to your website design starts at $500 and depends on the complexity of your design.

Please note that currently I only offer my mobile responsive design services to websites that I’ve personally developed.